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Skin care


It is essential to immediately remove excess fat and flesh from the skin, after which one may continue the preparation using one of the following treatments:


Freezing the skin is the simplest method, provided a freezer is available and there is enough time to keep the skin in freezing condition until delivery to the laboratory.
This is the procedure normally used for trophies taken down near the hunter's home.


Salting is more complicated, as, while freezing does not require the skinning of the animal's snout, in this case skin must be carefully removed from the snout, ears turned upside down, and lips split.
The skin must then be entirely covered with salt (better if fine) and left to rest for one night in a cool place: osmosis shall cause the release of water contained in fibres letting salt penetrate skin pores.  
Before skin can be sent to its destination, it will be necessary to change salt at least once on site, in order to enable the drying process to be carried out properly.

During hunting trips, salting is usually coupled with an appropriate anti-parasite powder treatment: this is to guarantee that skins may be properly stored for many months, before they finally reach their delivery destination.   

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